I'm Yosra Hashim, a direct-entry medical student studying abroad from Canada. I'll begin year 3/6 for my program this upcoming fall. Feel free to take a look at my Linkedin for more information.

Throughout my time at university, I plan to explore the many facets of my long-held interests but also learn about new ones. Outside class, I spend most of my time learning about neuroscience and engineering on my own or with like-minded peers.

Current research

I conduct research under the supervision of Dr. Alfonso Fasano at Toronto Western Hospital's Neurological Movement Disorders Department. I build programs for analysis using deep brain stimulation sensing.

  1. Analysis of the beta wave reduction in neurological movement disorders during sleep
  2. Spectrogram generation and syncing to determine frequencies associated with complex tics

Upcoming research

I will soon be supporting Prof. Richard Reilly's team at St. Vincent's University Hospital in researching temporal discrimination thresholds in adult-onset dystonia.


I'm driven to keep learning, be it on my own or with others. If you have remotely similar interests, send an email my way. I'm still learning so chances are I'll be hearing some concepts for the first time, but I'll try my best to fill in any gaps and get back to you with my thoughts!