I'm Yosra Hashim, a Canadian undergraduate studying medicine in an accelerated program at University College Dublin. Feel free to take a look at my Linkedin for more information.

Current research

I did research under Dr. Alfonso Fasano at Toronto Western Hospital's Neurology/Movement Disorders Department. I'm currently writing brief report and case report manuscripts for the following:

  1. Basal ganglia LFP analysis using DBS in movement disorders during sleep and wake
  2. Spectrogram generation and syncing to determine frequencies associated with complex tics

Upcoming research

I will soon be assisting the Irish Dystonia Research Group at St. Vincent's University Hospital with their research on temporal discrimination thresholds in adult-onset cervical dystonia.

This summer, I will be on a research placement under Dr. Benoit Duchet at Oxford University's Brain Network Dynamics Unit. I will work on optimising brain stimulation using mathematical models.


I'm driven to keep learning, be it on my own or with others. If you have remotely similar interests, send an email my way. I'd be very happy to discuss!